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Do You want to know some different places where you can save your money? And don’t want to save your money on Saving Accounts, CD (Certificates of deposit) or any other types of places? If Yes! Then No more thinking about them. Because Today I came up with some different and new places where you can save your money and those places are smart and useful. I think No other blogs shared these methods. Because I realize that all the other writers share the same methods which are Savings accounts, CD (Certificates of deposit) and etc. But, I’ll share something new. So, Stay Tuned with me and get amazing ways to save your money. 

Why Saving Money? 

This is the backup of the money. If God forbid you to lose your all money or face a big loss in your personal finance. Then those time-saving money helps you and safe you from any worst situation. Saving Money Is Importance because it is safe us from critical situation and make us strong in those time. Many of the reasons saving money help us like a battle with tough times, long-term finical goals, buying property or other essential needs, etc. Saving Money always feel free from a disaster situation and make us strong to face them. Furthermore, We can take any of our want and need by saving money without any disturbance to our finance and can live a better life without any headache about money. So, That’s why Saving Money Is Importance and part of good Money management. Now, Let’s talk about some interesting places to save good money and improve your personal finance. Let’s be with me. 

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5 Best Places To Save Your Money

Here are some amazing ways to save your money and put your money into safe buckets. Let’s dig into the dept and care for your money by ourselves. 

Note: These methods are proven, So, You shouldn’t think these can be wasteful. Yes, This page is different from other blogs and will not talk about other plans like (CDs), Retiemrnet of plans, or saving accounts. But, These methods are also well-proven and perfect for saving money. So, Must read them out. It’s can pretty much informative for you. These methods are saving money without bank accounts. 

1. Purchase a Property: 

By purchasing the property, You can save your money on the shape of the house or a piece of land. This is a perfect way and I think, It’s can give back a high ROI after some years. By Purchasing Property You can save your money for the long term and that money can help you with your difficult time. There are some pros and con’s to save your money on the property. Let’s unlock them. 


  1. Your money will be saved for a long-time. 
  2. You can get the Biggest ROI after some time.
  3. You can be risk-free from any robbery or any sudden disaster. 
  4. You can get Tax benefits by purchasing a property. 
  5. It’s can help you from sudden disaster and help you and your family. 

By Purchasing the property, If you make a house on it and rent it. Then, You can generate a long time income from them.  


  1. Selling a property is bitly tough and long-term work.
  2. It’s a loss If your property did not generate extra profit from their price. 

So, These are the pros and cons of saving your money for the property. If you think to save your money for the long term or save for your retirement or any other purpose that will come in the long term. Then, I think By purchasing the property is the best option for saving long-term money. You should think about it. 

2. Purchasing Gold: 

This is also a suitable option to save money. By buying gold, You can save your money without any risk. And it can be your investment in yourself. Because History speaks that gold rates did not decrease after the rise. Yes! In some situations, the gold rates can down very much. But, Usually, It’s not at. By purchasing gold we can save our money and save ourselves for the future. Let’s begin and talk about the pros and cons of Purchasing Gold. 


  1. You can get a good return on investment when you will sell it out. 
  2. Your money will fully save and you kept away from tax. 
  3. You can easily sell them out When you want them. 
  4. You can wear them and make you feel like a good personality (This step is closely met with our females)

So, This is a good way to save money in a responsible place. It’s your saving and investing at the same time and you can make your personal finance more strong. Furthermore, It’s can save you from your difficult time. 


  1. You will be at risk. If your gold will not sell at the rising price. 
  2. If it is stolen, Then this is also a risk that you lose your all money. 

So, In short, this is probably a good option to save your money for a permanent time. It saves your money for a long time and gives the best ROI If the market rate will be increased. So, If you want to do saving and invest both at a time. Then, This is the best choice for you to save your money.  

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3. By Getting bonds:

This is a also good way to save and invest your money at the same time. You can test your luck by purchasing it without any loss. Before beginning, I want to clarify that If you don’t gain, there will be no loss as well. So, Clear your mind about them. By Getting bonds you can save your money and test your luck. If once your bond will came out, It will change your life. So, If you don’t want to save your money in other ways or save it on accounts. Then, I think this is a good option and their losing risk rate is zero percent. Let’s take a little glance at the pros and cons of saving money in bonds. 


  1. No Risk of Money Loss. 
  2. You can get a pretty bonus If you win a bond. 
  3. Best Money Saving option without any risk.
  4. Fixed-rate of return. 

Before Purchasing the Bond, You must know that the bonds are issued by the government. So, They can take a glance at your this money. 


  1. Lower returns compared to types of investment. 
  2. Your money can be bound. 

Therefore, These were the pros and cons of purchasing bonds to save your money. You can choose this method to save money. This is risk-free and complementary secured. You can save these bonds in the bank for extra security purposes. Btw, If you take to save your money by purchasing bonds. Then you can move forward with them. It’s completely secure for you. 

Where saving money: 5 Different Places To Save Your Money With Pros And Cons

4. Save Money on your Home: 

Saving Money on your home is the very best and old option to save your money. Because Your all money in the under your shadow. Nobody can see this and think of the stole. Saving money in your home is easily accessible and can quickly work on your tough situations. Yes! From this, you will always be responsible to take care of and keep safe in very safe places. But, It’s normal. By the way, There are lots of advantages to saving money at the home. Let’s talk about this in the pros section. Move Forward. 


  1. You will safe away from the tax/fees. 
  2. Your money will be easily accessible.
  3. You can fully control your money. 
  4. You will be aware of your money and your budgeting habit will be strong. 
  5. Your Money is in your own privacy, Nobody can see your financial information. 

These are some advantages of saving money at home. But, For the security of the all money, You must have strong lockers or gadgets to save them. Here are some home-safe lockers that can help you save your money and important things. By using this, You can save your money very securely and feel free from the every time responsibilities. 


  1. You can face a big loss, If your money gets are stole, or comes under a sudden disaster. Like (Fire, Flood situation, etc)

Therefore, These are some interesting pros and cons to saving money in your home. This is a very old and proven method to save your money without any difficulties. You can move forward to save your all money in your home without any hassle. 

5. Savings Accounts: 

Now at the last, If you are not interested to save your money on any property, stocks, or bonds at home. No worries about your money. More of the ways are still remaining. You can save your money in good savings accounts.  Saving an account gives you the opportunity to take care of your money and feel free about your money. Many types of saving accounts are live. You can choose according to your interests and need. Some of the names I will share at the bottom. By the way, These savings accounts have lower stakes than other bank accounts. You can know more about saving accounts here. Now, Let’s begin and see the pros and cons of saving accounts. Let’s dig down. 

Types Of Saving Accounts: 

  1. Traditional savings accounts
  2. High-yield savings accounts
  3. Money market accounts
  4. Certificate of deposit (CD) accounts
  5. Online savings accounts
  6. Kids savings account


  1. Your Money will be 100% safe. 
  2. Savings accounts are responsible for your money. 
  3. You can manage your money on your mobile. 
  4. You can earn interest. 
  5. It helps you to create shorts-terms goals. 


  1. It gives your lower interest rates. 
  2. Maybe, You can face limited withdrawal options. (Each Bank have different policies)
  3. Possibly, You can save a limited amount of money. 

So, These are some saving accounts and their pros and cons. If you are not saving your money by purchasing gold, property or other things. Then, You should try to save your accounts on saving accounts. Until now, This is a very popular way. So, Should try them and secure your money. 


After reading the article, You will be fully able all types of places where you can save your money. Saving Money will help you to improve your Personal Finance and make them strong. It helps you to make strong about your money, you will be good at money management, create the best budgeting, saving much money and take better initiatives about your Personal Finance. Because, If you have good saving amouth of money, Then You will always be stress-free about the money and take responsible steps. So, always try to save your money and make your Personal Finance strong and healthy. 

If you think, This article was helpful for us. And have any questions or want to share your best thoughts. Then, Leave your comment. We will appreciate your this action and reply to your comment. Subscribe to our newsletter for more. Thank You and stay tuned!

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