60 Best Money-Saving Challenges That You Should Try From Today10 min read

60 Best Money-Saving Challenges That You Should Try From Today

Yes! Saving Money is can be challenging for us, But it doesn’t mean that we can’t save our money. Challenging is one of the most senior tricks that we can use to save money. Because, When we give a challenge to ourselves, Then I think we can save a lot of money and get it to the healthy personal finance. So, According to my point of view getting a savings challenge is a very responsible option to save money. By the way, In this blog, I will gonna share with you the 60 best practices that will help you in your personal finance and these challenges convince you to save more and more money. So, Without taking any time, Let’s unlock the best challenges of saving money and see how they can help us. Let’s start. 

Before Beginning, We will talk about the importance of money management and why it is important. 

Importance of Saving Money: 

Saving money is very important for our personal finance. It helps us to complete our financial goals and also safe us from any sudden disaster or for future life. By helping of saving money, We can improve our personal finance and put them on the safe track. Here are lots of benefits that saving money help you are given below: 

  1. Saving money will secure you for the future. 
  2. It helps you to pay back the debts and keep away from taking them in the future. 
  3. You can achieve your financial goals.
  4. You can invest money in a good phase. 
  5. You will be stress-free from any financial problems. 

So, These are some important points that show the importance of money. If you will be good at money management, Then you can achieve anything that you want related to money. So, Always try to save more and more money and should be aware of the importance of money. 

Now, Here are the challenges that will help you in your personal finance and make your finance strong and healthy, But you need to these challenges for them, Then you can say that I’m good at money management or saving. Let’s come and see what those challenges can help pretty much. 

We will divide challenges into three parts. Daily, Weekly and Monthly, and see separately to each one. So, First, we will dig into the daily monthly challenges that can and how they can help us. 

60 Best Money-Saving Challenges That You Should Try From Today
Importance of Saving Money

Daily Money Saving Challenges: 

Daily Money Saving challenges are the very best way to save money on daily basis. This will help you to improve your saving habits on a daily basis and keep away from the wasteful spending that we do every day. Let’s come and see what types of challenges we can implement on daily basis. 

Here are the 20 best money-saving challenges that you can use every day and improve your personal finance in a very short time. 

  1. Don’t make your morning coffee run. Make it at home instead.
  2. If you want to eat out, bring your own lunch.
  3. If you travelling alone, Then must use public transportation. 
  4. Don’t leave lights or appliances on when not in use.
  5. Save water and energy by taking shorter showers.
  6. Use vegetation meal once a day
  7. Cancel all of those subscriptions that are not in your use. 
  8. Find coupon codes before shopping. 
  9. Keep away from alcohol or other drinks that are not essential every day. 
  10. Use cash in your expenses instead of credit cards. 
  11. Every week, take a no-spend day.
  12. Pack your snack when you go outside of the house, Say ‘’No’’ to outside foods. 
  13. Repair your damaged household instead of buying a new one. 
  14. Uncycle your clothes. 
  15. Make your own cleaning products rather than buy commercial ones.
  16. Use Energy savers in house appliances. 
  17. Make a weekly meal plan to avoid last-minute takeout or delivery.
  18. Buy items on sale and stock up when the price is right.
  19. Save money by using a programmable thermostat.
  20. Try to save daily 1$. 

So, These are the twenty easy challenges that you can take for your personal finance. Try to get it and save your money on daily basis. 

Now, Let’s come and see the weekly money challenges that you can take for the week. 

Weekly Money Saving Challenges: 

Here are some weekly challenges that will save you for the 7-days. You can take it for a week and try to complete all challenges that will share at the bottom. Let’s start. 

  1. No Spend Week – Give Challenge yourself that no spend for a week. 
  2. Meal Planning Week – Plan before the start of the week what meal to make for the coming week. Only purchase those things that are already planned. 
  3. Brown Bag Challenge – Give a challenge to yourself take a lunch box when you will go to school or the office. 
  4. Cash Only Week – Try only cash to pay expenses for everything. Avoid credit cards or any virtual card. 
  5. Energy-Saving Week – Give a task to yourself that I will try to turn off lights or any electronic items that have no longer to use. Turn off them!
  6. Car Free Week – Allocate one week to switch the car. Only use your car for a long drive. Otherwise, Avoid them for the nearest areas. 
  7. Entertainment Free Week – Promise yourself that you will not spend money on any parties or your wants. Avoid one week from any entertainment activities. 
  8. No-Alcohol Week: Select one week in which you will not drink alcohol or other drinks that are not useful for you. 
  9. Cancel unused subscription week: Pick one week in which you will identify your all-running subscription that has no longer to use. Cancel them. 
  10. Digital Detox Week: Try to avoid online shopping, Allocate one week which has to say no to the screen, By this, you can keep away from online shopping. 
  11. Secondhand week: Try to purchase things from any second-hand store, Give one week which you will only purchase from second-hand stores.
  12. Cancel your gym membership for just one week: Cancel your gym for one week, and try to work out from your home. That way you can save money and your workout will be complete. You can take it as a permanent If you feel okay at the home. 
  13. Do-it-yourself week: Fix one week in which you will do your all tasks as yourself. Like, Your laundry, meal making, etc. It can save you more money. 
  14. Coffee Free Week: Challenge yourself to take coffee at the home instead of purchasing from the outside. 
  15. Buy-Nothing Week: Don’t buy anything for a week unless it is essential.
  16. Clean Eating Week: Give a challenge yourself that you will eat only healthy meat instead of fast food and don’t order something outside. 
  17. Water Saving Week: In one week, You will always try to save water as much as possible. It can be from short showers, fixing leaks, etc. 
  18. Daily Saving Money Week: Give challenge yourself to save as much money per day for the whole week. 
  19. Quarantine Week: Fix one week in which you will only go outside for very important work. Don’t goes outside the house without any reason. 
  20. 52-Week Money Challenges: Take the very popular 52 money-saving challenge. 

So, These are some weekly money-saving challenges that you can give yourself to save more and more money. So, If you want to make strong finance, Then you should try to chase it. 

Now, Let’s move forward and make a more tight our saving journey. Let’s talk about the monthly challenges that What is this and how it can help us regarding your personal finance.

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Monthly Money Saving Challenges: 

In this phase, We will talk about the monthly challenges that we should try for a month. By helping this, We can make our personal finance very strong and turn around them into a safe zone. Let’s unlock all of them. 

  1. Make a whole spending plan before starting the month. Allocate the budget to each expense and spend according to them. 
  2. Sell unwanted things that are no longer used. 
  3. Say ‘’No’’ to Shopping. Bear without them and avoid them for just 1 month.
  4. Start setting realistic savings goals for the month, such as putting away a certain dollar amount of your whole income.
  5. Always note the spending throughout the month so you can be aware of where you make changes and save money.
  6. Look at your monthly expense, such as cutting back on eating out, buying extra things, etc.
  7. Once you have completed the monthly challenge, counter continuing the habit of saving money on a regular basis.
  8. Wherever you go shopping prefer cash instead of a card this will help you stick to a budget. 
  9. Don’t use Netflix and other kinds of monthly subscription apps for entertainment. Give a challenge yourself.
  10. Challenge yourself to keep away from the outside meal. 
  11. Teach tuition to the nearest children. 
  12. Challenge yourself that if a household item breaks, try to fix it yourself first.
  13. Give challenge yourself to leave your wallet when you go outside for a bit time. For example, Going running track, prying etc. Here you don’t need any type of money.
  14. Take advantage of the free trial of any membership, Challenge yourself to don’t purchase anything of these things. 
  15. Challenge yourself that only get very essential mobile packages, Don’t use wasteful packages that consume your money. 
  16. Make no beauty parlour, salon, or club month. Try to avoid these places for one month. 
  17. Do a pantry challenge and use up all the food you already have before buying more.
  18. Give challenge yourself to purchase a thing of good and local brands instead of big name brands. 
  19. Always keep away from those types of video games they cut your money. Choose free plan games.
  20. Give a challenge to yourself that if you fulfil this challenge successfully then give a small party to yourself. 

So, These are the twenty best monthly challenges that you can give yourself for a month and build your finance strong. If you want to improve your personal finance and keep in your circle, Then must take these challenges, It can help you very much and save your lots of money. So, Must take these out and try to complete it successfully. 


After reading this blog, You will aware of the many money challenges that can help you to save more money. These challenges will improve your personal finance and make them strong. After taking these challenges, You can be free from debts, loans, or any other money difficulties that come into your life. Moreover, You can save more money and get the big things that you want. But Keep in the mind, It is only possible by taking it and doing it successfully. Then, You can succeed in your finance. Otherwise, You can’t make healthy finance and take it to the top-notch level. So, Must try to fulfil it and save more and more money. 

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